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bible imageAs part of the weekly sermon process, Rev. McColl sends the congregation a "Theology Tuesday" email which includes Sunday's upcoming Scripture along with a little insight into the Scripture. It also includes a question inviting everyone to share his or her thoughts.

The great thing about the sermon process is that it is not meant to be done in a vacuum. The sermon is a story, made up of our collective insights, thoughts and experiences. The sermon is an opportunity for all of us to share where we have seen God that week and was never meant to be a one-way conversation. Heather has really enjoyed and been inspired by everyone's responses. The responses have helped her think of the Scriptures in new ways and has definitely helped her think outside of the box.

"Theology Tuesday"is also posted on the church Facebook page.

2018 Advent Theme:

Advent theme imageEach December, as we begin our Advent journey to Bethlehem, the days grow shorter and the light which surrounds us begins to fade. The darkness seems to grow more and more with each passing day, bringing fear to our hearts. Yet, instead of allowing this fear to take root and overwhelm us, we turn towards Creation because "the roots of Advent run deep beneath the Christian Church….to the earth and its seasons. It is through our connection to Creation where we rediscover the essential rhythms of life. It is there where we experience the wisdom of God. It is there where we are reminded that "when that primal fear of the dark…begins to slide over us, [creation] offers us unfearful responses. [It] takes in the threat of dark and cold and adapts in amazing and ingenious ways. [Creation] shapes itself to life as it is given." All Creation waits, reminding us that the "dark is not an end, but a door. This is the way a new beginning comes."

Sunday morning worship themes:

December 2, 2018
Hanging of the Greens
First Sunday in Advent
Scripture: Romans 8: 19-22
Title: "In the Hope that Creation Will Be Set Free"

December 9, 2018
Second Sunday in Advent
Scripture: Isaiah 40: 1-5, 27-31
Title: "The Peace of the Earth Be With You"

December 16, 2018
Third Sunday in Advent
Scripture: Psalm 96
Title: "Let Heaven and Nature Sing"

December 23, 2018
Fourth Sunday in Advent
Scripture: Luke 2: 1-20
Title: "The Friendly Beasts"

December 30, 2018
First Sunday after Christmas
Lessons & Carols

Food for the Soul "Dinner Church" topics:

food for the soul logo

In November and December, we continue the "Just Eating" series, exploring the role food plays in our lives.

December 2, 2018
Topic: "Just Eating? Creating Community With Food"


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