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bible imageAs part of the weekly sermon process, Rev. McColl sends the congregation a "Theology Tuesday" email which includes Sunday's upcoming Scripture along with a little insight into the Scripture. It also includes a question inviting everyone to share his or her thoughts.

The great thing about the sermon process is that it is not meant to be done in a vacuum. The sermon is a story, made up of our collective insights, thoughts and experiences. The sermon is an opportunity for all of us to share where we have seen God that week and was never meant to be a one-way conversation. Heather has really enjoyed and been inspired by everyone's responses. The responses have helped her think of the Scriptures in new ways and has definitely helped her think outside of the box.

"Theology Tuesday"is also posted on the church Facebook page.

Won't You Be My Neighbor? logoAugust/September Sermon Series:

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

"I believe that appreciation is a holy thing; that when we look for what's best in a person we happen to be with at the moment, we're doing what God does all the time. So in loving and appreciating our neighbor, we've participated in something sacred." - Fred Rogers (read more)

Sunday morning worship themes:

September 23, 2018
Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost
Scripture: Matthew 18: 21-25
Title: “Won't You Be My Neighbor? - Forgiving Our Neighbor”

September 30, 2018
Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost
Scripture: Psalm 85: 8-13
Title: “Won't You Be My Neighbor? - Taking Care of Our Neighborhood”

Food for the Soul "Dinner Church" topics:

food for the soul logo

September 23, 2018
Topic: We will watch the Mister Rogers documentary: "Won't You Be My Neighbor".


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