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NOTE: Beginning March 15, 2020, please join us for our virtual worship service.
Also beginning March 15, all public gatherings are cancelled until further notice.

Heart of the Matter logoSummer Series: "The Elements of Faith"

We serve a powerful God who loves us and walks with us. Beginning June 7, and for the next few weeks, we will explore why we can put our faith in God, and how having faith in God will change the way we live.

A related science experiment is included for each sermon.

May 31, 2020
Pentecost Sunday
Guest Preacher: Pastor Rick Smith
Scripture: TBA
Title: TBA

June 7, 2020
First Sunday after Pentecost
Scripture: Exodus 13: 21-22, 40:33-38
Title: “The Cloud of God”
Science Experiment: Cloud in a Bottle

June 14, 2020
Second Sunday after Pentecost
Scripture: Joshua 3:7-4:7
Title: “Crossing the Jordan”
Science Experiment: Traveling Water

June 21, 2020
Third Sunday after Pentecost
Father’s Day
Scripture: 1 Samuel 17: 25-49
Title: “David and Goliath”
Science Experiment: Marshmallow Catapult

June 28, 2020
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Scripture: Judges 16: 23-30
Title: “The Folly of Samson”
Science Experiment: Imploding Can

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