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Gleaning Outing to Reed Valley Orchards, October 2017
Installation of Officers, August 2017
Blessing of the Backpacks, August 2017
Church Picnic, July 2017
Holy Humor Sunday, April 2017
Palm Sunday, April 2017
Epiphany Dinner, January 2017

Christmas Party, December 2016
Hanging of the Greens, November 2016
Burnie Bow-Tie Day, October 2016
Church Picnic/Heather's10th Year Celebration, August 2016
Camp Sunday, August 2016
Baby Dedication for Maddie Askew, July 2016
Farewell Reception for Melissa Askew, July 2016
Music Sunday, May 2016
Holy Humor Sunday, April 2016 (listen to the phone call from God)
Epiphany Dinner, January 2016
Epiphany Service, January 2016

Christmas Party, December 2015
Hanging of the Greens, November 2015
Election Day Pancakes, November 2015
Birthday Party for Shirley, October 2015
Rain Garden, October 2015
Burnie Bow-Tie Day, October 2015
Day For Midway, October 2015
Street Party Fundraiser, August 2015
Keenagers Outing to Claudia Sanders Dinner House, August 2015
Church Picnic, August 2015
Camp Sunday, August 2015
Installation of Officers, July 2015
Rain Garden, June 2015
Graduation Sunday, June 2015
Music Sunday, May 2015
Kentucky Proud Luncheon, April 2015
Holy Humor Sunday, April 2015
Easter Baptisms, April 2015
Palm Sunday, March 2015
Epiphany Dinner, January 2015
Epiphany Service, January 2015

Christmas Party, December 2014
Hanging of the Greens, December 2014
Hand Bells Choir, December 2014
Election Day Pancakes, November 2014
Gleaning Outing to Reed Valley Orchards, October 2014
Lunch Outing to The Glitz, October 2014
Special Community Worship Service of Peace and Hope, September 2014
Pentecost Service, June 2014
Community Dinner, June 2014
Music Sunday, May 2014
Epiphany Service, January 2014
Epiphany Dinner, January 2014

Kids in the Kitchen, November 2013
Baby Dedication for Ellie Askew, October 2013
Children's Sabbath, October 2013
Epiphany Service, January 2013
Epiphany Dinner, January 2013

Baby Dedication for Jonathan McColl, November 2012
Children's Sabbath, October 2012
Fat Tuesday, February 2012
Epiphany Dinner, January 2012

Hanging of the Greens, November 2011
Baby Dedication for Kaylee Askew, November 2011
Burnie Wall's 98th Birthday Party, October 2011
"Four Walls" Presentation, October 2011
Rummage Sale, September 2011
Special Community Worship Service of Peace and Hope, September 2011
Bike Rack Dedication, August 2011
Kitchen Certification Celebration/First Monthly Community Dinner, August 2011
Keenagers Outing To Windy Corner Market, July 2011
Summer Series, July 2011
Baby Dedication for Hannah Grace McColl, March 2011
Kids in the Kitchen, January 2011
Epiphany Dinner, January 2011

Summer Series, July 2010
Cookbook Unveiling, July 2010
Rain Barrel Painting, September 2010

Christmas Celebration Service, December 2009
Children's Sabbath, October 2009
Kids in the Kitchen, October 2009
Vacation Bible School, July 2009
Ramp Dedication, June 2009
Christmount Week of Wonder, May/June, 2009
Baby Dedication for Sarah Ann McColl, March 2009

Historical Marker Celebration, December 2008
Trunk or Treat, October 2008
Installation Service/Reception for Jody Heil, October 2008
Rummage Sale/Fall Festival, September 2008
Farewell Reception for Amanda Hatfield, August 2008
Cane Ridge Day, June 2008
Vacation Bible School, June 2008
Children's Choir, April 2008
Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner, February 2008
Chili Cook-off, January 2008
Youth Bowling Outing, January 2008
Epiphany Dinner, January 2008

Christmas Program, December 2007 Gift Wrappers, December 2007
Ten Thousand Villages Store in Georgetown, November/December 2007
Trunk or Treat, October 2007
Children's Sabbath, September 2007
Children's Miniature Golf Outing, September 2007
Worship in the Park with Second Christian Church, August 2007
Chef Quita's Pie Baking Class, August 2007
General Assembly, July 2007
Vacation Bible School, June 2007
Church Picnic, June 2007
Children's Games in the Park Outing, April 2007
Disciples Women's Retreat, April 2007
Easter Baptisms, April 2007
Hand Bells Retreat, March 2007
Mission Trip to Beaumont, Texas, March 2007
Keenagers Outing to Visit C.P., March 2007
Disciples Women's Luncheon, March 2007
Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner, February 2007
Installation Service/Reception for Amanda Hatfield, February 2007
Women's Hope Center Valentine's Day Party, February 2007
Chili Cook-off, January 2007

Christmas Program, December 2006
Farewell Reception for Joan Schlesing, December 2006
Hurricane Katrina Relief Trip, November 2006
Board Retreat, November 2006
Installation Service/Reception for Rev. Heather McColl, October 2006
Abbey of Gethsemani Tour, October 2006
Women's Hope Center Spaghetti Dinner, October 2006
Trunk or Treat, October 2006
Children's Sabbath, October 2006
Worship in the Park with Second Christian Church, August 2006
Midway Treasures Auction, July 2006
Midway Treasures Post-Auction Celebration/Silent Auction, July 2006
Camp Wakon' Da-Ho, June/July 2006
Vacation Bible School, June 2006

Christmas Program, December 2005
Vacation Bible School, August 2005

Burnie & Mayme Wall's 90th Birthday Party, October 2003


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