A Pastoral Word
March 2020

Possible Video of Sunday Services at MCC

I wanted to keep everyone in the loop on a conversation which the leadership team of Midway Christian Church has been having -the possibility of video recording our Sunday morning worship services.

We began this conversation a few months ago after someone shared with me that it would be great if the church had a way to share our worship with the wider community, moving beyond simply recording the audio portion of our service to video recording the services so that those who are not able to be with us on Sunday mornings would still be able to view and participate in the services, giving them the sense that they are still very much a part of Midway Christian Church.

The leadership team has reached out to various churches who have been doing this type of thing for a while. They have talked with churches which livestream their services on Sunday mornings as well as churches which video record their services and then later post them to Facebook. The leadership team has also talked to these churches and others about copyright concerns when it comes to video recording. They have also talked about privacy concerns for the people sitting in the pews.

All this is to say-is that this is brand new territory for us. We are trying to figure it out. But one of the things which will help us figure it out is by experimenting. We video recorded the service on Sunday February 16th as a way to begin this experiment. We are hoping this will help give us some answers to the questions we have, questions such as where is the best place to put the camera, will the camera pick up the audio from the sound system, who is going to turn the camera on and off. These are just to name a few.

Again please hear me say, this is an experiment. The video will stay in house as we figure out more details. However, the eventual hope is that yes we will share the videos of our Sunday morning worship services on social media, possibly our website, maybe even Livestream the services. But we are not there yet. There will be more discussion. There will be more conversation. We will lift this up at our congregational meeting in March, giving everyone a chance to share their thoughts on this.

For now, we are just beginning the process. We realize that this has the potential to be a great form of outreach for our church, a way to invite our members who are not able to be with us on Sunday mornings to feel as if they are, wherever they are. It is also a great way to share what we do as Midway Christian Church with people who may not know us.

VIDEO signSo please don’t be surprised to see a camera in the back of the sanctuary over the next few weeks. Also please be aware that we need to be mindful of HIPAA Laws, meaning there are certain things we can and cannot share pertaining to information regarding someone’s health. Also and this is the most important part, please be yourself. I know that cameras make people nervous, me included, but this is a community of faith filled with loving and gracious people. This is what we want to share with the wider community and by simply being yourselves, we will do that. We will share the love of God with others.

After all, we are the Salt of the Earth. We are the Light of the World. We are called to shine so that all will know about God’s generous and transforming love.



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