A Pastoral Word
November 2019

I wanted to take a few lines to update everyone on where we are on our Capital Campaign. First, I want to thank everyone who attended our oyster stew fund raiser at the end of October. Our goal was $1000, and we raised $3000!

Second, as you may remember, we kicked off our capital campaign in July as part of our church’s 175th anniversary celebration. Our goal is to raise $175,000 over the next three years. Part of this funding will go towards our endowment and part will go towards capital projects.

The church has a wish list of projects, but our main focus is potentially adding a foyer between the two buildings and an accessible bathroom on the first level in the sanctuary building. The foyer area will give our community of faith a gathering area. The other possibility for this area is to become an overflow area, especially for meals like our Community Thanksgiving Dinner. We can set up extra tables there for people so that no one has to go down the stairs carrying plates. At this point, we do not have bids/or cost estimates for this project. That will come later. Right now, we are reviewing a design which an architect created for the church about 15 years ago which features this foyer. This design will have to be modified to meet our current wants/needs, but it does give the leadership team a good basis with which to move forward. Like I said, it is vision/hope but it really does have potential!

The other part of this capital campaign update is that, as of the end of October, $31,750 has been pledged towards our goal of $175,000. Thank you so much! Your support for this project is greatly appreciated. If you have not pledged and would like to do so, pledge cards are available. green leaf clipart

If you have any questions about the capital campaign or Midway CC’s wish list for projects, please see Heather or Dan Roller.


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