A Pastoral Word
December 2018

Advent: Creation

creation imageEach December, as we begin our Advent journey to Bethlehem, the days grow shorter and the light which surrounds us begins to fade. The darkness seems to grow more and more with each passing day, bringing fear to our hearts. Yet, instead of allowing this fear to take root and overwhelm us, we turn towards Creation because "the roots of Advent run deep beneath the Christian Church….to the earth and its seasons. It is through our connection to Creation where we rediscover the essential rhythms of life. It is there where we experience the wisdom of God. It is there where we are reminded that "when that primal fear of the dark…begins to slide over us, [creation] offers us unfearful responses. [It] takes in the threat of dark and cold and adapts in amazing and ingenious ways. [Creation] shapes itself to life as it is given." All Creation waits, reminding us that the "dark is not an end, but a door. This is the way a new beginning comes."


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