A Pastoral Word
November 2018

When I sat down to write this Pastoral Word, my initial thought was "I really don't know what to say". After all, my heart is heavy after story after story brings the darkness of hurt a little closer to home. We are learning more about the mass shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburg. We are learning more about the shooting at Kroger in Louisville. We are learning more about the devices which were sent to prominent leaders of our country just a few days ago. We are learning more and more yet we still do not know. We don't know how to process all this. We do not know where to begin the conversation. We do not know where and when things changed so drastically in this country which we thought we knew.

As I wondered and pondered all these things, I noticed that my "to do list" was waiting patiently for me to notice it, for me to check things off one by one. In looking at the list, it would be so easy for me to ignore the hurt and hate of this world by burying myself in the "to do"...except on the list is "Buy items for the community dinner." A spark of light comes to life because this is so much more than an item on a list. It is an opportunity for me, for us as a community of faith to help create an experience for our community to gather around the table. We do this every month so that we can get to know each other, get to know our neighbors beyond just being people whom we say "hi" to at the post of-fice each day. In this small way, through our community dinner, we are proclaiming that the welcome is wide for all to come, for all to feed their bodies and their souls, so that we can truly begin to love our neighbors as ourselves. This simple thing, this "to do" reminds me that there is life giving, trans-formative power in the food we share with one another. Because again, for us as Disciples of Christ, it always comes back to the Table, the place where we find our center and purpose, the place where we immerse ourselves in the grace and love of God, the place where the presence of God invites us to come as we are, to come to the Table where the ties of community are strengthened. Funny how it is always the simple things which remind us of our holy calling as disciples of Christ?


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