A Pastoral Word
October 2018

Prayer Chain clipatNew Prayer Chain Lists to Replace Flock Lists

A few months ago, the elders realized that the flock lists just weren't working.
The flocks were trying to fill roles that they were never designed to do. In talking with the elders, we decided to reclaim the original intent of the lists: care for and communication with our members.

We created the attached prayer chain list. It is our hope that this allows the elders to serve in the roles
given to them by this congregation: to be the spiritual leaders of our community of faith while extending
care to our members. How the prayer chain will work: when the office/or Heather receives word about a concern within our congregation, the office/Heather will send out an email to the elders, letting them know what is going on. The elders will then contact the people on his or her prayer chain, sharing the information. That's the communication part of the list.

The care part of the list comes in with the connection to a particular elder. Instead of people not knowing what flock he or she is on, our members are under the care of one elder. Along with the minister, this elder will extend pastoral care to the members on his or her list, checking in with them, visiting if they are in the hospital, etc.

Please hear us say that this is an experiment. It is by no means perfect. It will need some tweaks as we
go along. But the elders believed that as we look at the transformation of our community of faith, we
needed to develop a better way to respond to the amazing things God is doing in our midst. The prayer chain lists can be found on the back of the October calendar in the newsletter. Please let Heather know if you have any questions or would like more information.


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