A Pastoral Word
August 2016

For the last two months, we as Midway Christian Church have been practicing a little R & R:

  • Remembering the Sabbath and keeping it Holy
  • Resting in the quiet stillness of the presence of God
  • Respecting that we are all made in the image of God and called to be united as the Body of Christ
  • Releasing what prevents us from being the people God created us to be and the people this world
    needs us to be
  • Reducing the violence and hate that continues to fill our world, creating more brokenness and hurt
  • Restoring all as Beloved Children of God who have been made well
  • Renewing our connection with God's creation
  • Recognizing that we are redeemed by God's grace and love and called to share this same grace and
    love with others

When I first approached the Board with this Sabbath-Keeping experiment, I shared that it was my hope
that we would take this time as a way to reconnect to the presence of God in our midst and become more
aware of the Kingdom Work we are called to do as people of faith. And now as the calendar turns to
August, we come back from our Sabbath time as a community of faith, renewed, rested, restored, and
ready to see where God is calling us next!

In looking forward to our new church year, I feel really good about where we are on our journey as a
community of faith. We have embraced our mission of WELCOME and continue to ask, how can we live
out this mission more fully? As I have said on several occasions, this is the strongest and healthiest that I
can remember Midway Christian Church being during my time of ministry: spiritually, physically, leadership-
wise and financially. We are now ready to have some more in-depth transforming conversations
about who God is calling us to be and who the world needs us to be. I cannot promise that this part will
be easy. It may push us all out of our comfort zones a bit. But in the end, we always have the promise
that God is leading us, guiding us on this journey.

If we think back to the apostles as they left to spread the Gospel message, their journeys were never
straightforward. Their journeys were filled with many twists and turns. More often than not, the disciples
ended up in unexpected places, meeting new people, experiencing God's presence in life-changing ways.

It is hard to believe that this month, I celebrate ten years of ministry with Midway Christian Church. It is
amazing to think how far we have come as a community of faith together. I can remember some of my
first few days thinking to myself, "God, are you sure I'm the right leader for this congregation?" because
the task of transformation seemed so daunting. But I would always hear as a response to my question,
"Be Still and Know that I am God."

The journey to this visioning point for us as Midway Christian Church has been filled with ups and downs.
But more importantly, it was and continues to be always filled with God's grace.

As we look to the future with eyes of faith and wonder what God has in store for us as Midway Christian Church, we may not have all the answers at this point, But one thing I do know is that I am constantly amazed and thankful that God continues to surprise us and invite us to respond to the call of being people of WELCOME.



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