A Pastoral Word
August 2015

A few months ago, a woman shared with me a vision. She said that God had shared with her a word that she was called to share with us as a community of faith. This woman shared that God wanted us to know that our spiritual connection to God was blocked and it needed to be reopened. She said that we were to go out into our community, literally out in the streets and lay hands on people, healing the sick.

At first, this woman's words made me uncomfortable. They challenged me to step out and push myself beyond the place where I was comfortable in being. Could I literally go out and lay my hands on people? What's stopping me? If I truly believe that anything is possible with God, why can't I wrap my mind around this? But...what if? What if this vision was really calling us as Midway Christian to go out into our ccommunity and heal the sick in ways that may not be literally the laying on of hands, but in ways that bring healing and wholeness? What if we are to go out into our community and interact with others? Be in relationship with others? Help create an atmosphere where God's presence and God's Kingdom can and would be experienced by all? What if we really have lost our spiritual connection to God and in doing so, have become so inward focused that we have forgotten how to be the people God created us and calls us to be?

As I listened to this woman share her vision with me, her words seemed to echo the prophets of old. How many times did God send a prophet to tell the people that they had lost their spiritual connection to God, that they had lost the very thing that shapes them and forms them into the people God created and calls them to be? Was God doing that for us now?

I will tell you that this woman's words have stayed with me. I shared them with the leadership of Midway Christian at the recent Cabinet retreat. I also shared that these words of lost spiritual connection seem to be a constant in the conversations that surround me. For example, in my recent DMIN class, I spent time with the book 1 Corinthians. At first I thought this book would have nothing to say to us as Midway Christian Church because after all, we aren't fighting among ourselves. We aren't experiencing divisions.

But as I have continued to spend time with this particular book of the Bible, one of the messages it brings to the modern day church is to remember that we are God's Temple. We are the very place where the presence of God resonates and lives. This connection to God's presence is what should guide us in everything we do as people of faith, as a community of WELCOME, as ones who are called to work for healing and wholeness for all God's creation.

At our Cabinet Retreat, I challenged the leadership to make sure we remember that we aren't just about the business of the Church. We have the opportunity to share the presence of God with others. We are lucky enough, fortunate enough to know that the Kingdom of God is in our midst and we cannot keep this to ourselves. So yeah, maybe it is time we clean out the blockage in our spiritual connection to God and figure out ways we can go out into the streets, bringing healing and wholeness to all of God's people. We are God's Temple and we have been called to a life-giving, lifetransforming way of being, not just for ourselves but for all of God's children.

Are you ready to go out into the streets with me?



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