A Pastoral Word
July 2015

take out church boxWe have been thinking of new ways to engage families in spiritual formation during the summer time. So many families travel on weekends during the summer, and that means missing worship and all the formation that happens at church on a Sunday morning. How can we empower families to learn to worship together and to remember to take their faith with them on vacation? How can we take church out on vacation with us? Out of these questions grew the Take out Church box. We will be giving a box to every family in our church this summer and inviting them to engage with us online to share how God is moving in them while they are away. Each item in the box is designed to help us live into our mission as a church to "serve God and Welcome All." Inside the box are the following items:Flat Jesus, scroll of bible coloring pages, flip card conversation starters, a prayer cube and Skittles prayers to guide prayers, serve your neighbor game, beach ball thanksgivings, and suggested bible apps to download on your device.

flat jesusFlat Jesus: Flat Jesus is the best part. We are inviting families to color Flat Jesus and then take pictures of them with Flat Jesus on vacation. We hope folks will post pictures on Midway Christian's Facebook page or post them on Instagram tagged #takeoutchurch so we can share the fun. We will also be using these pictures of Flat Jesus to create a video for our "Where did you see God this Summer?" service in September.

Scroll of Bible Coloring Pages: We printed 3 coloring pages with bible verses on them to memorize for the kids. We also printed a 2 coloring pages for adults featuring mandalas. Mandalas are circular designs containing lines, patterns, and colors that have been used in personal devotions throughout history and often symbolize a desire to mark or set aside a special time or place. Coloring mandalas is a creative activity that can help us feel connected to ourselves and to the world. These coloring pages have been rolled up like a scroll to represent the Word of God. The scroll has Psalm 119:105 printed on it which states: "Thy Word is a Lamp until My Feet."

conversation starterFlip Card Conversation Starters: These are meant to help create opportunities for laughter and fellowship for your family this summer. Hopefully by engaging in conversations with one another, we can learn something new about each other and more importantly deepen our relationship with one another.

prayer cubePrayer Cube: Prayer cubes are great for encouraging everyone to pray. Roll the cube to determine which prayer will be prayed or recited. There are 6 prayers printed on the cube. Skittles Prayer: Have a sweet snack and remember to pray for your family, friends, community, creation, and those in need.

skittlesServe your Neighbor Game: While on vacation this is a fun way to serve one another and be creative about it. Write each person's name on a piece of paper and then every person will draw a name out of the bag. While on vacation, look for a way to do something kind for the person you picked. Open the door for them, refill their drink, play with them when you don't really want to, say kind words, let them go first, share your ice cream, anything to let them know they are loved.

beach ballBeach Ball Thanksgivings: We are inviting families to write one thing they are thankful for while on vacation. We would like everyone to bring these back to church on Sunday September 20th as an offering.

Suggested Bible Apps: This is a simple and easy way to take the Bible on the go. Included on the list of suggested Bible apps are kid friendly bible apps with games. There is also a suggested app for the American Bible Challenge, a Bible Word Search, and an app specifically designed for devotionals for adults.



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