A Pastoral Word
November 2014

By the time everyone reads this, Mike will have completed his first Iron Man race. The Good News is that he finished! It took him 17 hours and 10 minutes, but he finished! After the race, one of the organizers told Mike to be proud of what he accomplished even if he was the last to cross that finish line. He said, "It is easy to be in the front of the pack but no one realizes how hard it is to be in the back. It is a mind game. It is all about endurance. There are so many times you want to give up because you know you are last but you didn't. That is something to be proud of! You finished the race!"

As the man was talking, I couldn't help thinking about our church. It really feels like we are in a good place, that the Holy Spirit is moving among us, shaking us up, waking us up, but I will also admit it is a scary place as well. The future is unknown. We could just easily give up and say it is too hard, it is too scary, there is too much change. But we have to remember that is the easy way out. Our journeys of faith are all about endurance. Our journeys of faith are all about trusting that God is leading us, guiding us. Our journeys of faith are all about not giving up because we know that no matter what, God is there.

I know if we are only looking at the numbers, people would say Midway Christian Church is hurting right now. But we know that the Kingdom of God is not about the numbers. It is about the people. It is about the relationships. It is about serving the people of God. This came as a reminder for me at our first Food for the Soul. Fifteen people gathered and it was an amazing experience. We gathered around the table for conversation and then we gathered around the Table for nourishment.

I'm not exactly sure where God is leading us right now, but one thing I do know is that God is there. Our journeys of faith will take many twists and turns but we will finish our race!


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