A Pastoral Word
June 2014

Update on Scouting Opportunities in Midway

I wanted to update everyone on the latest development concerning Scouting in Midway. In our April newsletter, I shared the news that members of Troop 40 left and started a new troop in Lexington, leaving us with the question of how do we move forward with Scouting in our Midway community. The leadership knew how important and vital Scouting was for our community, so we decided to host an informational session on Monday, May 12th for all those interested in Scouting for the people in our community. I'll be honest. I'm not sure any of the leadership
of Midway Christian held out much hope for this session.

The night of the meeting, seven o'clock rolled around and a few people trickled in but no kids yet! Then all of a sudden, a little boy showed up with his dad, then another, and another. Soon, we had five little boys at the session, all interested in Cub Scouts!

Now, I know looking at this meeting from the outside, people would say we failed because we only had 5 boys show up. But that night, I realized that once again, God was giving us as people of faith a great lesson in how the Kingdom of God really works instead. We were reminded that night that God sends us what we need! 5 boys is exactly what we needed to start up a Cub Scout Pack!

But it wasn't just that there were enough boys to start this venture. There was excitement and interest from the boys and parents as well. We had parents telling us that night, "Well, I need to invite so and so because he is this age and I'm sure he would want to part a part of this." Or we had comments like, "Oh, my next door neighbor would probably be interested in this. I'm leaving tonight to tell him about it." The leadership left that night, ready and excited to see where God was going to lead this new beginning.

We followed up the first meeting with an organizational meeting on Tuesday, May 27th and once again, God sent us exactly what we needed! Our original boys showed up again and this time, they brought friends! They also brought parents who were willing to step up as leaders! When the meeting concluded that night, we had a list of 14-15 boys interested in Cub Scouts, and parents taking applications to other boys in our community as well. We also had adults volunteer for various positions like Cub Master and Den Leaders. The great news was that we had everything we needed in place to be an actual Cub Scout Pack in Midway! The group decided to be Pack 40 and we are planning on meeting again in two weeks!

The other great opportunity that was shared during this meeting was that our Pack has been invited to the Bluegrass Council's Day Camp in Georgetown at Grace Christian Church. The camp is June 16-June 20 from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. and it is a great way for our pack to be introduced to Scouting. If you know any boy (1st-5th grade) who would like to join this Pack on this outing or any of their other outings, please contact the church office so that we can get them connected with the leadership of this pack.

I will say, this whole process has been a lesson in faith for me and the leadership of Midway Christian Church. Along the way, we learned that God will always bring forth new life in ways that we never expected and that once again, we as disciples of Christ are called to sow the seeds of the Kingdom of God and watch God take care of the rest! Because that is certainly what God did in this situation. God brought forth new life in amazing and lifetransforming ways, not only for our community of faith but for those young boys and their families as well.

On a side note: We, as a church and as the chartering organization for Pack 40, offered to purchase for each boy, as a gift and a sign of our support, a subscription to Boy's Life magazine, which is filled with inspirational stories about Scouting as well as teaches the ideals of Scouting, The cost of the yearly subscription is $17. If you would like to help cover the cost of this, please make checks out to Midway Christian Church with Boy's Life Magazine in the memo line.


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