A Pastoral Word
November 2013

Wow! God is good all the time! All the time God is good! Who knew twelve weeks ago when Finance threw out the giving challenge to the church, how wonderfully everyone would respond! As of Sunday, October 27th, the end of our challenge, the church has raised: $25,863.60 for our Cornerstone Campaign! How amazing is that? Sure we didn't meet our goal, but just look at what we did raise! As our fearless leader of the Board says, "You gotta have faith!" For me, I think the priceless moment was when Ray Clark, our trusty Treasurer, said, after seeing the final count, "We can do this!" So a Big THANK YOU CHURCH! A Big Thank You to all who donated, to all who shared their time and talents to help us get to this point!

But as I have said from the beginning, it is not about the money. It really has never been about the money. It has always been about celebrating the wonderfully amazing life-giving things that God is doing for and through this community of faith! Just think about all the amazing ministries of this church and how we are truly experiencing the Kingdom of God in our midst. Each Sunday, we have visitors come into church. And when I visit with them, one of the first things they tell me is, "We just got a warm good feeling when we stepped through the door. It just felt right to be there." That's an example of God at work! And that's just the beginning! Our Community dinner each month continues to grow and help people in our community. That's God at work! Our lothing Closet continues to serve people in our community! That's God at work! We are blessed to be called as partners in Christ's service during such an amazing and transforming time in the history of Midway Christian Church!

Now I know that many of you are wondering and are asking, "What's the next step in this process?" Well as I said, we didn't quite reach our goal during these past twelve weeks. We still have a ways to go towards reaching that goal. So if you didn't give during that time, it is not too late. We are still taking donations towards our Cornerstone Campaign. But here is what I do know: We have contacted Gilpin Masonry and we are on his calendar to begin the tuck-pointing work next March.

So the good news is - We still have time to reach our goal, even surpass it! And there have been and there continues to be creative ways to help raise these funds for our church:

Ghost Walk Tours: When John Batts approached me with this idea, we decided to throw it out there to everyone and see what happened. Boy, were we surprised! Both tours sold out and there were even requests for more!

Aprons: Melinda Whitehead has made 18 aprons with the phrase, "Serve the Lord with Gladness" embroidered on them. And she has already sold 5 of them!

Iron Horse Marathon Breakfast: We have been talking with our youth and children about stewardship and we shared that just because they may not have thousands of dollars in their piggy banks, doesn't mean that they can't give to the campaign. For the past three years, Ouita has been working on cooking skills with them and so they put their skills to use. On the morning of the Iron Horse Marathon, our youth and children served anywhere from 300 to 350 people and raised money for the campaign by asking for donations!

Disciples Women: These lovely bunch of ladies donated $500!

Cookbooks: The sales from our Cookbooks will go towards the Campaign as well.

As I have said before, it's never been about the money. Really what this challenge became for us was a lesson in using our gifts and talents to help build up the Kingdom of God for the people of God. It reminded us that all of us have special God-given talents that when we use them we build up the Body of Christ and become more than we could ever imagine!

So as we move forward in this venture, Finance will have some more conversations about how to raise the rest of the money needed for this project and we as a church, as part of the Body of Christ, will keep striving to become the people that God created us to be, the community of faith that God created us to be, as we continue to celebrate the many things God is doing for and through us as Midway Christian Church.

Thank You!!


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