A Pastoral Word
June 2013

A few months ago, a check arrived at the church following the death of one of our beloved church members and attached to the check was a note that simply said, "Please use this gift to take care of the church that I loved so much." What a wonderful blessing! So the trustees gathered together, trying to figure out the best way to honor that church member's wishes. There were lots of ideas but the question remained. How can we best take care of our church? Well, as that question was posed, the needed projects kept being added to the list. Finishing the tuck-pointing, replacing the Fellowship hall roof, and painting the sanctuary building all topped the list.

As the trustees continued talking, it became very clear that our needs were outnumbering the numbers in our checking account. So the decision was made to get bids on various projects and prioritize them so that we could see the whole picture. That was last month. The trustees met again on May 21st to figure out what our next steps as a church should be, especially when it became clear that our needs were still outnumbering the numbers in our checking account.

So the only logical step was to begin the discussion of entering into a small capital campaign depending on board vote, which will be taken at our June board meeting. Right now, the main projects that need attention are finishing with the tuck-pointing on the front of the church, and replacing the fellowship hall roof. The total of these projects will be $50,000.

Now, before you stop reading - there is a plan!

The trustees are proposing using some of the endowment funds ($20,000) to help begin this process. When they looked at the balance of the endowment fund, this amount would still not touch the original gift and still leave a cushion to draw interest. However, this action requires a special board vote. This will be discussed at our June Board meeting.

The trustees are also proposing pulling another $5000 from other various funds that are already in our checking account. So we would already start the campaign with $25,000 if the board and church agrees. The other part would come from asking our members and other people connected with our congregation to pledge the other $25,000 over a three year period. We could also do various fund-raisers to help us reach this goal.

Please hear me say that all of this is up for discussion. No steps have been taken to start this process. Part of my responsibility as minister of Midway Christian is to provide the congregation with all the information so that everyone has an opportunity to be a part of the conversation. All church members are invited to come to the June Board meeting to ask questions and to be a part of the conversation. And we hope you do just that. The trustees are not entering this conversation lightly. The church is not entering this conversation lightly. We are entering into it through prayer, through questions, and most importantly, we are entering into this conversation by realizing that we are a community of faith that has embraced a vision of welcome. We are just trying to figure out how to do that best with the gifts and talents that God has given to us.

I will share a side note, a very good side note - the gift that helped us to start thinking about how to best take care of our church does cover one of the projects that made it on the project list: painting of the sanctuary building. Hopefully work will begin as soon as possible on this project so that the color of trim on our sanctuary building will match the color of trim on our fellowship hall building. I think Adelaine would have approved!


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