A Pastoral Word
April 2013

There is a saying that says things slow down after Easter but I don't think that is holding true for us this year! We have some exciting worship opportunities coming up in April and May! Our first special service will be on Sunday, April 21st. We will be celebrating Earth Day and reminding ourselves that when God gave us dominion over the earth, God didn't say we could do whatever we wanted to God's creation. God called us to take care of creation and respect the delicate balance of the web of life. We will retell the story of God's creation and rediscover our place as caretakers of this beautiful place we call Earth.

Another special service that we will be having in the month of April is on Sunday, April 28th. We will have a service of music with our special guests, the Midway Community Children's Choir! We decided to have this special worship service so that the congregation of Midway Christian could experience the amazing blessings that can happen when we open ourselves to the many ways that God's Spirit moves among us. It is amazing to think that just a year ago, this choir was a dream, was just a wish on a piece of paper. And now--there are 20 kids singing in this community choir! And there are adults just waiting for the adult community choir to begin!

Looking back, it seems like such an obvious connection. Music has always been an essential part of our life together as Midway Christian Church. It is in our very DNA! We as people of faith understand how music can lift us up to the highest heights of praise and how it can also wrap us in the sweet arms of comfort and peace. Music adds so much to our worship each Sunday. And because of all this, we as a church know that it was a God given vision that inspired us as a church to reach out in a new and life-affirming way, to reach out through music. It is amazing to see the vision come to life, thanks to all of this church's prayers, hard work and dedication. Together, we took a leap of faith and now-we can't keep from singing the good news!


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