A Pastoral Word
March 2013

I have a confession to make. I was supposed to write this article a few weeks ago. Joni sent me the email reminder, but…. well; I'll save you the reasons why it was not written on time. However, this morning, when it is DUE, I'm feeling worn out. I'm feeling like my spiritual well has run dry. And I'm sure this comes as no surprise. It seems as if our world is spinning out of control, fighting in Washington, (although this is nothing new), prices keep going up, worries keep increasing, our family and friends face health issues, and that is to name just a few. But I'm also writing this article the day after we said good-bye, until we meet again, to our beloved friend, Burnie. I'm sad for the family. I'm sad for us as a congregation. I'm just sad. And right now- there are no words on my heart.

But amazingly enough, and ironically enough, considering our Lenten theme of "Finding God in Unexpected Places," this morning, when I was struggling to find the words to fill in the space for the newsletter, worried I was going to have to tell Joni that I have nothing… just then my email dinged! I signed up a few months ago for email updates from a site called "Ministry Matters" just as a way to help keep me in touch with the larger church, and wouldn't you know it?! This morning's email was about "The Gift of Encouragement." Now, it could be a coincidence, or it could be God's reminder to me to practice what I preach. If I'm going to encourage Midway Christian Church to open our eyes to God's presence in our midst, then I need to do the same. And the gift for me this morning was when I don't have the words, somehow God makes a way, somehow, God is right there, teaching me the words to say. So I offer these words to you and my hope is that they are as much a gift to you as they have been for me. The article can be found on the insert in the Contact.


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