A Pastoral Word
April 2012

I just wanted to say thank you to all the flocks and our speakers who helped make our Lenten Breakfast Series such a wonderful experience. My wonder, when we were thinking up themes for our breakfasts, was how would people really respond if we asked ourselves, do we as Midway Christian Church really know our neighbors? Do we really know our community? And the great thing about our series is that we really did get to know our community better.

I think when we first started the Surfing the Edge process, all of us thought we all had a pretty good idea about our Midway community, either because we had grown up in this community or we have lived here for a while. But it was amazing to see that every Saturday, we learned something new about our community. We learned something new about how we could get involved in our community! We experienced the Kingdom of God in new and exciting ways!

And the great thing about this is, this is just the beginning! This series has helped us to begin to open our eyes to our community and the Surfing the Edge process is helping us discover who we are called to be! This is an exciting time in this church and in this community. And I'm just thankful that I'm a part of the journey with you.

Thankful to be your pastor,


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