A Pastoral Word
June 2011

Surfing the Edge…

On Sunday, May 22nd, Midway Christian Church voted to participate in the regionally sponsored process of Surfing the Edge which is an 18 month process where we intentionally listen and look for what God is up to in our neighborhoods and communities. As part of this process, Midway Christian will select a Guiding Team that will help direct this process in our church. This Guiding Team will get together every 3 months with other churches' guiding teams to share stories about what God is doing and work with the CCK staff as resources and coaches through this process. Along our journey, they will assess what we've learned and plan out our next steps. Shirley Eckels, Jim Leer, Etta Manor, Sheri Adkins have agreed to serve as our guiding team. I ask that we all keep them in our thoughts and prayers along this journey.

Also during this 18-month process, one of the steps we will be asking the congregation to take is to complete surveys on-line which are called Congregation 360. These will give us an overview of our congregation as a resource for dialogue for where we see ourselves in regards to readiness for the missional church. I will also be taking an on-line survey as your pastor called Pastor 360 which will be a resource for me for dialogue regarding being a missional leader.

Look for more updates to come from the guiding team starting after the first of June but in the meantime, please feel free to do some research on your own about Alan Roxburgh, the consultant and the Missional church by going to www.roxburghmissionalnet.com. There are also a couple of videos where Alan explains the process, specific for KY and why he encourages us to engage in the Luke 10: 1-12 text each time we meet as Midway Christian Church: http://vimeo.com/8607158 (Dwelling in the Word, specific for KY) and http://vimeo.com/8611527 (Dwelling in the Word: Why the Luke 10 passage).


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