A Pastoral Word
November 2010

Last year, Midway Christian Church took part in the Advent Conspiracy and reclaimed Advent as a time for reflection and expectation. I was a little unsure of how it would go over but I heard so many comments last year about how great the experi-ence was that Midway Christian Church is doing it again!

Remember I mentioned last year that Americans spend an average of $450 billion a year every Christmas. And it cost $10 billion for clean wa-ter to be available for the whole world!” (www.adventconspiracy.org)

Last year, we raised money for Heifer International and purchased an ark and I am challenging us to do it again, this time letting “The Stars tell the Story”. We will be “urged to look to the skies, and to listen to what the stars proclaim: the Perfect Star is bright with God the Father's creating LIGHT! The Promised Stars are Christians, eager to spread the bright light of Christ and the Morning Star--that's Jesus, whom we await to cele-brate this season and on Epiphany Sunday, the Guiding Star leads us to Bethlehem.” (www.creativecommunications.com)

So come join us for our Advent journey which starts Sunday, November 28th as a time to wonder, as a time to wander, as a time to reflect on the blessings of our lives.


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