A Pastoral Word
September 2010

Wow! A lot can happen in a month! Just to let you know, I did finish the race and ran most of it! I was pretty happy with my time (43:05). My goal was to finish in under 45 minutes or at least before they had to send out a search party! Thank you for all your prayers, love and support during this process. I am overwhelmed with God’s blessings…

Which leads me to the wonderful news that Mike and I have officially been matched with a birthmother. We received the call on Wednesday, August 4 and have been celebrating ever since. The baby is due December 21st and it’s a boy! As of right now, Mike and I will plan to travel to Florida for the baby’s birth and will probably have to stay two weeks in Florida until we have received permission to travel across state lines. We have been told by our adoption agency that the baby could come early or the baby could come late. So as of now, we are cautiously optimistic and know that God is in the process…

Which leads me to church news. It seems as if every month, Rhonda and I wonder what we are going to put into the newsletter and then amazingly enough, when the time comes, we are trying to fit everything in! What a wonderful problem to have. We are gearing up for a new church year and things are really moving. Cookbook sales are going well. Rummage Sale prep has begun. Conversations about what are we doing for Sunday School are happening. Our first Girls’/Guys’ Night out was a success! We had about 10 women and girls gather for pizza and chick flicks which turned into a night of pizza and Pictionary while about 8 men and guys traveled to the Perry’s farm for fishing, campfire, and s’mores. There are rumors that fish were even caught! And that’s not all! Disciples Women have planned out their year and are looking forward to wonderful educational and fellowship opportunities. Kids in the Kitchen will begin in October and have been planned out for the year. The Green Chalice Team continues to challenge us to be good stewards of God’s creation. They have finished up the Rain Garden and are working on the sign, something similar to this. (see side) Now, their next project on the list in conjunction with Buildings and Grounds is working to get our kitchen certified through the Health Department so that we can offer classes for the public and to extend our WELCOME to those in our community who work with local foods. And we continue to try to be good stewards of our building by taking care of it through capital projects. The next project on the list is to finish the tuck-pointing around the church.

As I have said on more than one occasion, for a small country church, we have a lot going on around here and opportunities for service for everyone! Which leads me to conversations that have been circulating among the leadership of the church.

As you know, Midway Christian is still looking for a Youth Minister. So in the between time, I will be filling in as youth minister and we will continue to search for the right person to fill our position. But also in the between time, we need our members to support our youth. If you can help out with youth groups, children’s Sunday School, Kids in the Kitchen, please see either Cindy Batts or me. God is doing some amazing things around here! Thanks be to God!


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