A Pastoral Word
July 2010

We have started a new church year and we find ourselves at an interesting crossroads. There have been many questions about what we are going to do for our next Student Associate and who we are going to get to come in. And the answer is I don’t know. I don’t know because the way we used to do things is changing. As of Fall 2010, LTS will be a strictly on-line seminary and this will change the availability of student associate ministers.

And we find ourselves in strange new territory, very much like the first believers who experienced the empty tomb on that first Easter morning. Things are different. And now we are faced with a challenge: Will we have the courage to adapt to these changes? Will we have the willingness to step out of our comfort zones? Will we listen to where the voice of God is calling us?

So what does this mean for Midway Christian Church? It means that we can’t function like we’ve always functioned in the past. It means that I can’t do everything. It means that we as a church need to really figure out where God is calling us and how we can/will live out our mission of WELCOME as part of the Body of Christ here on earth.

One of our basic beliefs and practices is that we are all called to ministers. We embraced this call when we emerged from our baptismal waters. We embraced this call the first time we experienced God’s changing and lifegiving love. We embraced this call the first time we proudly proclaimed that we were members of Midway Christian Church and we continue to embrace this call every time we say that we ARE members of Midway Christian Church.

I see that God has laid before us an opportunity, an opportunity to think outside of the box. How are we going to actively work to share the Good News? How are we going to actively, all of MCC to be a part of the wider community? These are the questions that God has laid before us and now we have to discern how we are going to answer them.


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