A Pastoral Word
May 2010

Midway Christian Church, I am taking a moment of privilege for my Pastoral Word this month and inviting all of you to Max & Erma’s in Lexington at Hamburg on Tuesday, May 18th to come out and support Families of SMA because we are hosting a fund-raiser that day. Max & Erma’s has agreed to donate 20% of the sales that day to Families of SMA. All you have to do is eat!! They will be doing this all day so if you can’t make it to dinner, go there for lunch or if you want, do both! Please just present your server with the coupon (see below) when you are ready to pay your bill and Max & Erma’s will donate 20%! We all know how much Midway Christian likes to eat! So invite your friends, neighbors, strangers off the street to come join us Tuesday, May 18th in supporting Families of SMA!

Okay, now that is done… time for updates and conversations. Many of you want to know how the adoption process is going. Well, it’s going. Everything is turned in and now we are waiting. Mike and I wanted to wait until after the holidays, wanted to wait, knowing that this past February, Sarah has been gone six months, to have our profiles shown to potential birthmothers. Both Mike and I feel like we are in a good place now and have agreed to have our profiles shown to a few birth moms but we were not chosen for some reason or another. And we are okay with that. We know that Sarah is picking out her brother or sister (or both!) for us and when she is ready, she will send him or her or them our way. And we are okay with that.

The other news that I wanted to share with you is that I have agreed to serve as interim President, then President for District 5. I began the interim period in late April and will officially be installed at our District Assembly in October. I ask for your prayers and blessings as I take up this mantle of leadership.

I just wanted to say thank you for your continued prayers and all of your love as Mike and I take this ourney with you.


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