A Pastoral Word
August 2009

As the elders sat around the table last Sunday,  I realized that our "typical" meeting turned into a time to commune with the Holy Spirit. I realized that the Holy Spirit had been invited into the conversation when one of our elders said,"You know, I'm not sure when the appropriate time to bring this up is but I have just got to say it. I was thinking about our Homecoming Celebration and I was thinking about the faces there in the church and I was thinking about how I came to Midway Christian. You see, I did my research before coming to church. I talked to people and I kept hearing great things about Midway Christian and how involved this church is in the Midway community. So I thought I would try it out and as soon as I walked into the doors, I felt like I was at home. And if the people out there really knew what it was like at Midway Christian, then they would want to be a part of it too."

Enter in the Holy Spirit. The elders started brainstorm ways that we as a church could live out an authentic faith and compassion of Christ in our ministries.  Our mission and our ministry has to be centered and grounded in the compassion of Christ. When Jesus called his disciples to follow him, he didn't try to get as many disciples as possible, just so he would have a huge gathering following him around. He didn't ask how many people came to hear him teach. He didn't keep a scoresheet of the number of people that he healed. He didn't get signing bonuses if he signed up a thousand people per week as his disciples. No, when Jesus called the disciples, he invited them into a relationship with him so that he could get to know them and show them how to live out the principles of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

And that is what we are called to do as his disciples. We are called to be in relationship with all our brothers and sisters in faith.

God is not done with Midway Christian Church yet. God is there, pushing us out of our comfort zones, pushing us beyond our doors, pushing us to really question and ask what does it mean for us to be people of Welcome. The Spirit of God is moving among us. The Spirit of God is challenging us to ask some hard questions for us as a church. The Spirit of God is with us on this journey.

So as an invitation to join the conversation and to experience God's Spirit among us, the elders will be hosting flock gatherings over the next couple of months. The hope of these gatherings is that we as a church ask the hard questions about where we are going as a church, open our hearts to the presence of the Holy Spirit that is moving among us, and to renew our committment to become people of WELCOME. So come and join the conversation as we embrace our call to share the compassion of Christ with our brothers and sisters in faith.


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