A Pastoral Word
April 2009

As many of you know at our March quarterly congregational meeting, the officers presented the beginnings of our new church structure and passed out the Spiritual Gift Surveys. The hope is that all of us as members of Midway Christian Church will pray about and think about the gifts that God has given us for the ministry of our church and use them to help build up the Kingdom of God here on earth.

We have been placing these surveys in the bulletins on Sunday mornings and we have been emailing them out to our members each week with the Messenger. And we are starting to get responses coming in! It is amazing to go through them and starting placing names alongside the ministry opportunities. I don’t think there is one ministry opportunity that does not have the name of at least one person interested in that ministry. And there are even new ministry opportunities that our members put down that they would like to lead.

It is wonderful to feel the Spirit of God moving and stirring us as people of faith!

The Minister’s Cabinet met on Wednesday, March 18th and passed out the results of the completed surveys to the co-leaders of the four main ministry opportunities. The plan now is that starting April 1st, we as a church, will begin living out this new structure, testing it out, re-shaping it to fit our needs, and “tweaking” it so that we are empowered as people of faith to live out our lives as the people God created us to be. We will live with this structure for the next six months as a trial basis, trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit to enrich us as a community of faith. After the six months, the Visioning team will reassemble and will take a look at what is working and what is not working for us as a church.

I cannot promise you that it will be an easy journey. I cannot promise you that it will all work out. But what I can promise you is that God is in the process and that God is guiding us, renewing us, and using us to be vessels of God’s love in this world.

So if you have not completed your Spiritual Gift Survey, please pick one up in the office or you can go to our website, www.midwaychristian.org, fill one out and email it to the church office.

God is continuing to do amazing things for and through Midway Christian Church! So please take the time, pray about your gifts for ministry, and let us know where God is calling you.


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