A Pastoral Word
March 2009

There are so many people that I need to thank for their leadership, their prayers, and their support while I was on maternity leave. First, I want to thank you, as a congregation, for allowing me to have the opportunity to spend the first two months with my daughter and Mike as a family. It was such a blessing!

I also want to thank the leadership of the church for filling in for me while I was on maternity leave. I am so fortunate and thankful to be surrounded by wonderful church leaders who love this church and who were willing to watch over the flock of Midway Christian Church. I especially want to thank the elders who bravely were “on-call” during my maternity leave. Midway CC is blessed to have such amazing leaders.

And how can I not thank the staff! Midway Christian Church is privileged to have an amazing staff! One of the reasons that I was able to enjoy my maternity leave was knowing that Jody, Rhonda, Melissa, Dayton, and Jestine had everything under control! I want to thank them for everything that they did during my maternity leave!

It is hard to believe that it has been 8 weeks since I have been with you! A lot can happen in 8 weeks! The new church leadership structure is taking shape. The new ramp outside of fellowship hall is complete. And we are entering a new season in the life of the church, Lent.

I am excited to be back at work and to be back as your minister. The funny thing about being away for these past 8 weeks is that I realized how much I missed being a part of Midway Christian Church. Each night, as I was trying to get a sleepy baby to bed, I would look out my back window and see the church, and I would feel in my heart, that this is where God has called me to be. I would think about how much we have achieved over the last couple of years and I would think about where God is calling us in the future. As I looked at the church building, I would see your faces and know that the work of God’s kingdom was being done right here in Midway. It was a great comfort to see the church each night and to know that this community of faith is using their gifts and talents to help bring about the Kingdom of God. And that I am blessed to be a part of such a loving and supportive family like Midway Christian Church!


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