A Pastoral Word
February 2008

A few Sundays ago, the Visioning Team met and really got down to work on our current structure for our church. We decided to take a look at what was working in our church and what was not working in our church, letting our new Mission Statement be our guide. And I think it is safe to say that the group sitting around the library table that day were all a little surprised by our responses and results.

Some things were small such as making sure that every section of the pews have a Blue Hymnal and a Red Hymnal. It is hard to feel welcomed in a church and be a part of the worship service when you can’t sing along with the congregation because the hymnals are not there. Sure, we have enough hymnals but they are scattered around the sanctuary and stacked up in the back.

Some things were pretty big such as the congregation not knowing exactly what missions the church supports: Not knowing the purpose of the organization and not knowing what organizations we support. We see these organizations and the amounts once a year when we put together the budget but then what?

How can our church live out welcome through missions when we aren’t sure what we support? How well do we communicate our calling of welcome through mission when we aren’t sure what these organizations actually do?

This was an eye-opening experience for the Visioning Team. We realized that we do some things really well like choir, the order of service for worship, the website, meals on wheels, just to name a few. And we also realized that there are some areas that we need to work on like evangelism. Many of us don’t like that word! It scares us!

It was also interesting to note that the two words that kept coming up during the process were: Communication and Committee. And they were usually under the “Not Working” Heading.

After that meeting, it was pretty clear that we are doing ministry as Midway Christian Church but we are doing it outside of our current structure outlined in our Constitution.

So after the meeting, I gave the Visioning Team homework! I asked them to brainstorm a structure that will work for our church. I asked them to think about how we use people’s gifts for ministry or not use them. I asked them to think about the essential ministry components of Midway Christian Church.

And now I am giving everyone in Midway Christian Church homework! Please keep the church in your prayers. Please keep the Visioning Team in your prayers. We have a wonderful opportunity for our church now and with God’s guidance and wisdom, we can reach our full Kingdom potential as servants of God.

And now you have the perfect opportunity to do your “homework”. We are asking everyone to join in prayer as a congregation on Wednesday mornings at 10 am to seek God’s guidance, to seek God’s wisdom in this process, and to simply renew and refresh our souls as people of faith. You can join us in the sanctuary for prayer group or simply take 5 minutes at your desk for prayer. We are all committed to Midway Christian Church and now we can live out this commitment by preparing and opening our hearts and minds to where God is leading us. Our church is on the verge of something GREAT and I know that with God’s guidance and wisdom, we will truly live out our calling and mission of WELCOME!

So please do your homework!


P. S.
I am sure you are all thinking, “Well, what exactly do we support through missions?” Below is a list of the organizations that we support. If you want more information about what an organization is and what they do, please let me know!
1. Woodford County Senior Citizens
2. Cane Ridge
3. Midway Library
4. Woodford County Food Pantry
5. Camp Wakon Da Ho
6. Christian Care Communities
7. Midway Nursing Home
8. Midway College
9. Lexington Theological Seminary
10. Transylvania University
11. Scout Troop 40
12. Midway Ministerial Association


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