A Pastoral Word
September 2007

Blessings in Disguise…

It has been an interesting past week for me and I am learning the true meaning of the phrase “Blessings in Disguise.” Last Thursday, Phil Burchell, Jim Leer, and I traveled to visit a church member. We were hoping to rebuild some bridges that had been burnt with this church member and to also thank this church member for his kindness towards the church. Since both Jim and Phil drive trucks, it was decided that I would drive my car. We loaded up and started our journey.

I pulled up to this member’s house, thinking that this spot was as good as any around. We got out of the car and walked into the house. We had been there about 10 minutes when we heard a big crash! We all sort of looked at each other and Phil, jokingly said, “Heather, I bet that was a tree hitting your car.” I got up and looked out the window and sure enough, the tree had fallen on my car.

For the first few minutes, I could not think at all. Both Jim and Phil went out to check on the car and to see if maybe they could push what we thought was a branch off of my car. They got out the door, get about two feet, and turn around and walk into the house. “Heather, that branch is bigger than it looks. And your car is really damaged.”

After my brain started working again, my first thought was “I had just paid that off two months ago.” I heard someone say, “It was lucky you weren’t in the car. Ten minutes earlier, and you would have been in that car.”

Although this was true, it was not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to know “Why, God? Why my car?!” “God, couldn’t you have made the tree fall in the other direction? What did I do to deserve the tree falling on my car?”

Rationally, I knew God was not angry at me or punishing me for visiting that church member, but I was not in a rational sort of mood.

The next morning, I called the insurance company and let them know the “good news”. I told the lady a tree fell on my car and I needed to file a claim. And her response: “It was a good think that you were not in it. And don’t worry, insurance will cover it.” That was the best news I had heard in two days! INSURANCE WAS GOING TO COVER IT!

A few days after my car made friends with the tree, I started thinking about what actually happened. Someone was watching out for us that night. Someone had kept us safe. And I could let go of the stress and worry. Things were covered. I just had to be patient.

A few days later we got the final word from the insurance company, the car was totaled. They would cut me a check and I needed to start looking for a new car. Even though my car was only 6 years old, for four years I had commuted from Grant County to Lexington. Mike and I had taken long trips in this car. Although it was in good condition, my car had a lot of mileage on it. I realized that I had just experienced on of life’s greatest gifts: A Blessing in Disguise. We were all safe. I had paid off my car, which meant I didn’t have to pay the bank before looking for a new car. And I had a down payment for a new car. Now please hear that I am not saying that God decided last Thursday night that the best thing for me at the time would be a new car. And that God was going to “give me a new car” and proceeded to “drop” the tree on my car. What I am saying is that sometimes when all we se are the negative aspects of a situation, we must remember that someone is watching out for us. We may not understand the reason why certain things happen to us but we know that things are covered. We can let go of the stress and worry. We can turn our problems over to God and all we have to do is be patient. Our God s an awesome God whose love and protection knows no end.

This month, as you go through life, be on the lookout for life’s greatest gifts: blessings in disguise. And I leave you with a word of advice: “Watch where you park! You never know in what form your blessings in disguise will come to you.”


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