A Pastoral Word
July 2007

The check is in the mail.” I have always heard this expression and to be honest, I have probably used this expression. It is a “good faith” statement between both parties. Each one trusting in the fact that the check is actually in the mail.

When the trustees learned about Dorothy Gordon’s generous gift to the church, we understood that once again the check was in the mail or at least in the legal process of making it into the mail. The trustee met with a few different investment firms and tried to figure out the best course of action for this generous donation. The trustees came to a consensus that Midway Christian Church needed to start an Endowment Fund that would support new ministries and mission for the church, that would ensure our future as a church, and that would enable us to all breath a huge sigh of relief, knowing that we had a “cushion” for our church.

And even though the trustees decided that we should start an Endowment Fund with this generous gift, the trustees had to come up with what exactly would be the purpose for this Endowment Fund. Would it be there for eternity, gaining interest or would Dorothy Gordon want us as a church to use some of the income from our investments to create new ministry opportunities? These questions gave the trustees a few long nights of praying and discerning. Finally, it was agreed upon that the trustees could use some of the income to fund new ministries for the church only after the budget was completed and approved. This way, we as a church, would continue our practice of being responsible stewards to our general fund while embracing the creative spirit of God and the paths of mission that it might be leading us on as a church.

This has not been an easy process of the trustees. There were revisions after revisions. Suggestions and Discussions. And then we thought: Aha! We have the final draft only to find a few typos and a disagreement with our constitution! No one thought to look at our constitution because we didn’t have an Endowment. So thanks to the watchful eyes of Jim Hoppin and the forethought of past leadership at Midway Christian Church, we realized that there was a line under the responsibilities of church trustees to supervise all Endowment Funds of Midway Christian Church. So there was another revision and there was more discussion.

We were starting to see the policy coming together. We were feeling comfortable with where we were headed when Jim Rouse let the trustees know that he had received a call from the lawyers and “the check was in the mail.”

The Endowment Fund was starting to become a reality for us as a church. We were seeing the policy come together. And to be honest, I thought I was prepared for when I received that call from Jim Rouse. “Heather, I just received the check from the Dorothy Gordon estate. Who am I suppose to send it to and what would you like me to do with it? There was stunned silence on my end. It was actually here! The check had come through the mail and it was in Jim Rouse’s hand. My mind was drawing a blank. In all our preparation, why didn’t I prepare for this moment? I think Jim even had to ask if I was still there.

“Yes, Jim, I’m still here. Well, I guess I had better ask a trustee to head over to your office now and let’s get it into the bank.” And I am a firm believer that God works in mysterious ways because just after I finished that statement in walks Phil Burchell, one of our church trustees.

I got off the phone with Jim and let Phil know that he had a mission! Time to go to the bank! Time to start the Midway Christian Church Endowment Fund! Time to ensure the future of our church!

The check was in the mail and now the check is in the bank! I know that I speak for all of us as members of Midway Christian Church when I say a huge thank you to Dorothy Gordon and am so thankful that she showed her love for her church through this generous gift which enables us to continue to build on its historical mission of loving God and one another and to continue to create an atmosphere of spiritual growth, witness, and worship for generations to come!


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