A Pastoral Word
April 2007

This is one of my favorite times of year! A sure sign of Spring! (One our cats especially love because we open up the windows so that they can see all the creatures from atop of my dining room table!)

As new flowers bloom and trees bud, there is just a sense of anticipation and surprise that fills the air. It feels as if anything and everything is possible! New Life is coming forth. Creatures are waking up from a winter slumber. People are getting out and enjoying the sunshine of the spring days throughout our week. Everything seems new and fresh!

It’s this sense of excitement that always gets me energized for the weeks to come and wondering what God has in store for Midway Christian Church. Our Visioning Team has been meeting since January and we really feel as if the presence of the Holy Spirit is guiding us through this process. This has been an energizing process for the members of this team and we are all anxious to continue this journey that we are on and discern where God is leading us. It seems as if some of the same words keep coming up every time with meet: “welcoming, hospitable, renewal, accepting,” There also seems to be a guiding hand help us to discern ways to be more open to the community that surrounds us. One of our members suggested that we have a Heritage Day, as a way to combine the sense of tradition and history of our church with the new vision and energy of our church.

And it is just not there that we are feeling God’s spirit leading us. For the past 7 weeks, the elders have met and began a new journey with 8 of our youth in the Pastor’s Class. We have some remarkable and insightful youth who are looking forward to continuing their ministry with Midway Christian Church. Each week, the elders gather after class and are amazed by the questions and the comments that our youth have put forth during our sessions. There is such a spiritual depth to the thinking of theyouth of Midway Christian Church.

There is such great energy that has filled and refreshed our church, and it is fueled by the members who have such a deep love for this congregation and the people who are a part of the family. And a family is exactly what Midway Christian Church is for the members. We rejoice in all of each other’s celebrations and we mourn in all of each others sorrows. Several church members have commented to me that during times of need, they have felt the love and concern of their family at Midway Christian Church coming to them. We are a family that deeply cares for each and every one of our members.

Many of my friends and family have asked me if I am still enjoying being at Midway Christian and I enthusiastically say YES!! I am loving being the minister at Midway Christian Church. I love the people. I love the energy! I love the church! And I am so thankful that God has joined our journeys of faith so that we could travel this road together.

Each Sunday, when I walk through the doors of Midway Christian church, it feels as if this church has embraced God’s direction and has become renewed init’s calling as God’s people. I tell people when they ask me to describe Midway Christian Church for them, that it is has been an extraordinary experience to be and to minister with the people of Midway Christian. Midway is such a great church. Midway is such a loving church. Midway is such a welcoming church that I want to tell everyone I know about this wonderful, exciting, spirit-filled church that I have found!

And I am sure that you feel the same way! You want to share this great experience with the people that you know and love.

That’s why on Sunday, April 22nd, we are having “Bring a Friend” Sunday! We are inviting all of our friends, families and neighbors to come and experience the grace of God through the people of Midway Christian Church. This is an opportunity to share an amazing gift that we have been given. This is an exciting time in the life of Midway Christian Church and we are called as Jesus’ disciples to invite those in who are lost and lonely, those who are looking for a family, those who are looking for a beacon of light on their faith journey, to come in and rest, to come in and be refreshed, to come in and be renewed.

So let us share this extraordinary gift that we have been given through Jesus Christ and open our doors to our friends, families, and neighbors!


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