A Pastoral Word
September 2006

Wow! Has it really been a month already since I started at Midway Christian Church? So much has happened in my life and in the life of this church! Mike and I have finally settled into the parsonage and I believe we have unpacked the last box! Yeah!

All the animals have also seemed to settle down into their new home. Jake, our dog, loves his walks around Midway and all the new smells! The cats, being cats, gave Mike and I the cold shoulder for the first few days but now greet us every morning by walking on our faces and chest, reminding us that it is time to eat!

I also believe that the animals are just as thankful as Mike and I are that things have finally settled down in the McColl household and Bubba, our 18-pounder of a cat, is just as happy that he can get to his food!

One of the things that I am most looking forward to being in the town of Midway is really being a part of a community. For the last four years, I have felt rootless and disconnected. This feeling was also a part of my spiritual life. Where could I call home? Who could I call my family? I was on a pilgrimage, searching for a place, hoping to make a connection with someone. It was like I was cutting from a plant, placed in a glass of water to grow roots, but not really in a permanent place where I could grow, expand and dig my roots into the nurturing soil and flourish!

But now, I feel like I have been taken from my glass and planted by the Gardener into an area filled with nutrients and fertile soil. This fertile, nurturing soil is called Midway Christian Church! And what fertile soil it really is!

It truly has been an amazing month for Midway Christian Church filled with new visions and new beginnings. Each day when I come to work, there is something new and exciting going on with the renovation. And the offices and entry way are freshly painted, giving the sense of welcome and openness. It’s like it is a brand new building!

We have also done so much in this month: new pastor, new elder serving at the table, celebrating Midway College Sunday by welcoming 40 young women to our community, and a wonderful combined service with 2nd Christian in the park! There is such great energy and excitement around this place and around this congregation. There is new life budding at Midway Christian Church!

And now it’s time to share that new life with others in our community. We have been nourished by the fertile soil that we call Midway Christian Church but there are others who are searching and hoping to make a connection with someone. Invite someone to place his or her roots here. Share the Good News with someone who is on his or her own pilgrimage of faith. Give someone the opportunity to be nurtured by Midway Christian Church!

May we continue to grow in love, faith, peace and hope.


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