A Pastoral Word
August 2006

I have always heard that God works in mysterious ways and have wondered really what that phrase meant in our lives until recently. In my mind, Midway Christian church was always Mike’s student church, a place that nurtured him and encouraged him in his ministry. I always associated Midway with the “Midway Girls” through camps, youth, retreats, and mission trips. Midway has always held a special place in my heart. But recently I discovered that God does work in mysterious ways.

Early in 2006, when Mike started his search process with Crestwood Christian Church, Greg Alexander asked me if I was ready to be in the church again. I said, “Well, first, I really enjoy my job at LTS. I love meeting people and sharing stories with them. However, I know that God is calling me to a church. I just don’t know when or where”. I thought that was the end of the conversation but God was still talking! When Phil Burchell called me to see if I would be interested in interviewing with Midway, I was delighted and knew that God would be in the process. After the first interview, I drove away thinking, “Wow! I really want to be a part of that church! They are doing some really wonderful things there and eager to try new programs and ideas!” I really have felt God’s presence and God’s call in this process.

I am truly excited to be called as your minister. There is such a great energy and excitement around the church! I also couldn’t ask for a better church staff! Each and every one of the people on staff is creative and loves the church.

I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve with Midway Christian Church. I am looking forward to putting faces with names and seeing where God is calling us as a community of faith.


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