A Pastoral Word

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A Pastoral Word, Rev. Heather McColl's message to the congregation of Midway Christian Church, appears in the monthly newsletter, The Contact.

The text of those articles is also available below.


March 2019 (Lent: Tree of Life) February 2018 (Lent: Holy Moments, Holy Spaces, Holy People)
  June 2018 (Summer Series: Summer Road Trip)
  August 2018 (Worship Theme: Won't You Be My Neighbor)
  October 2018 (New Prayer Chain replaces Flock Lists)
  November 2018 (To Do List)
  December 2018 (Advent: Creation)

March 2017 (Lent: Freedom Riders) February 2016 (Lent: Season of Creation)
December 2017 (Advent: Making Room at the Manger) June 2016 (Summer Series: The Sound of Silence)
  August 2016 (Rested and ready for the new church year)
  September 2016 (Pondering our Welcome Window)
  December 2016 (Advent: The Patterns of Promise)

January 2015 (DMin update)
April 2014 (Concerning Troop 40)
February 2015 (Lent: Fruits of the Spirit)
May 2014 (Cornerstone Campaign update)
March 2015 (Narrative Budget)
June 2014 (Scouting update)
April 2015 (Fairness Ordinance)
July 2014 (Summer Sermon Series: Job)
July 2015 (Take-Out Church)
August 2014 (Cabinet Retreat update)
August 2015 (Go out into the community)
September 2014 (Food for the Soul)
November 2015 (Family, emergency contact form)
November 2014 (Iron Man race analogy)
December 2015 (Advent: Fear Not)
December 2014 (Advent: Seeing the World Through God's Eyes)

February 2013 (Lent: Finding God in Unexpected Places)
March 2012 (MCC on Facebook)
March 2013 (Encouragement)
April 2012 (Lenten Breakfast Series)
April 2013 (Earth Day, Music Sunday)
May 2012 ("Biblical Verse Becomes Reality as Small Church Feeds Thousands")
May 2013 (General Assembly resolution)
June 2012 (Ten reasons why you should be going to church)
June 2013 (Cornerstone Campaign)
August 2012 (Director of Church and Community Music position)
November 2013 (Cornerstone Campaign update)
December 2013 (Doctorate of Ministry)

February 2011 (Thank you!)
January 2010 (Ecclesiastes 3)
March 2011 (Lent: Seeking the Messiah)
February 2010 (Lent: A Spiritual and Artistic Journey to the Cross)
April 2011 (Lent)
March 2010 (Lent)
May 2011 (Stewardship)
April 2010 (Luke 10:1-11)
June 2011 (Surfing the Edge)
May 2010 (Families of SMA)
July 2011 (Surfing the Edge survey)
June 2010 (Running as a spiritual discipline)
August 2011 (Ezekiel 36:34-36, 37:1-14)
July 2010 (Adapting to not having a Student Associate)
September 2011 (Certified kitchen)
August 2010 (Families of SMA 5K Run)
November 2011 (Advent: Isaiah 9:12; St. Francis of Assisi)
September 2010 (Church news update)
December 2011 (Read the Bible)
October 2010 (Work on the church)
November 2010 (Advent: The Stars Tell the Story)

March 2009 (Thank you)
January 2008 (Kitchen Nightmare)
April 2009 (New church structure)
February 2008 (New church structure)
May 2009 (New church structure)
March 2008 (Lent sacrifices)
July 2009 (God's spirit among us)
April 2008 (Stewardship)
August 2009 (God's spirit among us)
May 2008 (Visioning Team update)
September 2009 (Sarah's story)
June 2008 (Church year wrap-up)
November 2009 (Advent: Advent Conspiracy)
July 2008 (Mike and Heather are expecting!)
December 2009 (Advent)
August 2008 (Change)
December 2008 (Maternity leave)

January 2007 (New year resolutions)
August 2006 (Called as your minister)
September 2006 (An amazing month)
March 2007 (Life changes
October 2006 (Dinners for 8)
April 2007 ("Bring A Friend" Sunday)
November 2006 (All Saints Day; Planning for the future)
May 2007 (Childhood memories)
December 2006 (Advent)
June 2007 (Visioning, then and now)
July 2007 (New endowment fund)
August 2007 (General Assembly)
September 2007 (Blessings in disguise)
October 2007 (Heritage Month)
November 2007 (Vision and Mission Statement)
December 2007 (Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love)

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