Disciples of Christ Organizations

To learn more about the Disciples of Christ, who we are, what we are about, and the ministries we support as a denomination, please visit the following sites.

chalice picture Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the U.S. and Canada (www.disciples.org)
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kentucky (www.ccinky.net)
Disciples Home Missions (www.discipleshomemissions.org)
Green Chalice (www.discipleshomemissions.org/dhm/dhm-ministries/environment)
Christmount Christian Assembly (www.christmount.org)
Mission Behind Bars and Beyond (www.missionbehindbarsandbeyond.org)
Midway University (www.midway.edu)
Lexington Theological Seminary (www.lextheo.edu)
Transylvania Univesity (www.transylvaniauniversity.net)

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green chalice
Green Chalice Congregation since 2010
Certified Green Chalice Congregation since 2015
Midway Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
123 East Bruen Street
P.O. Box 4548
Midway, KY 40347
(859) 846-4102